Top 6 Benefits of VoIP

As a small or medium-sized business owner, your goal is always to get an edge over your competitor. This core competency can also be achieved by reducing costs. Most businesses use a legacy system called the landline to communicate internally and externally with their customers. With advancements in telecommunication, hosted VoIP phone systems have more features and cost less than traditional phone systems. Let’s discuss this further.


Traditional Phone System & Hosted VoIP:

As discussed earlier, traditional phone systems are outdated legacy systems. These boxed-shaped phones work by interconnecting with each other through a physical telephone wire. The phone itself can be wired or wireless.

Every department or office requires a separate phone system, and if your business plans on expanding, you’ll need to install more phone systems.




On the contrary, hosted VoIP sends and receives voice calls over the internet. VoIP stands for voice over IP, and unlike boxy physical systems, VoIP is hosted and managed on the cloud.

It is also called a hosted PBX. They can work on your smartphone, computer, or laptop, but some require a physical device.

Why Ditch Traditional Phone Systems:

This system relies on physical wires and phones, so the cost and maintenance fee is sky-high. Installing copper wires for a new office can cost too much. A PBX can cost you approximately around $1500. Maintenance is very costly and requires a skilled technician to be on-site.

Traditional phones are power dependent, meaning your phones will die in case of a power outage. The additional fees are just ludicrous. An additional fee is required for international calls, third-party services, and upgrading your system. A traditional phone system out of the box does not have all the features; you’ll need to install extra modules for it.


Top 6 Benefits of Converting to Hosted VoIP Phone System:

  1. Cost-efficient:

Making domestic and international calls over hosted VoIP is relatively cheap compared to landlines. Some VoIP also offers free domestic calls, and you don’t need to incur high costs to install a PBX.

With Hosted VoIP solutions, your business can scale up with minute costs. Some Hosted VoIP providers are software-based, which again saves you the costs of physical machines. The overall price per call is lower on VoIP compared to landlines.

  1. Service Mobility:

A landline makes you bound to one place. On the contrary, you can move anywhere globally and conduct your business provided you have access to the internet. You can communicate with your customers from the office or even from the ease of your own home. You can move without any issues.

  1. Call Forwarding:

This is a great feature that comes with VoIP solutions. At business off time, call forwarding will forward your customers’ calls to other call centers—this way; your customers will be handled even in off timings.

  1. Call or Video Conferencing:

VoIP makes it possible to conduct a group call or voice conferencing. You, as a manager, can convey your message through video conferences. Everyone can participate in any remote location provided they have internet. This isn’t possible with landlines.

  1. Automatic call attending:

You may have many departments if you are a small or medium-sized business. When a client or customer calls, they may need to speak to a specific department out of five or ten. Here the auto-call attending robot comes in, which guides the caller to the relevant department.

  1. Call Recording & DND:

DND blocks all calls from outside when dealing with an important client. For quality assurance, you can record calls to judge how your employees handle customers.


Hosted VoIP solutions are the future of business. Shifting to a VoIP can be tricky, so get the right advisors and take the correct decision for your business.

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