Today’s data-driven world presents constant challenges to traditional storage solutions. We can never have enough file cabinets or cardboard boxes to store family pictures, tax returns, account statements, client account information, personnel documents, purchase orders, and invoices. Even digital media are starting to struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing load. CDs and DVDs are no longer efficient for storing high-definition images, and hard drives require redundant copies to ensure a drive failure does not result in lost data. That’s where cloud backup solutions come in.

Introducing Cloud Backup Solutions

You are most likely already familiar with some basic examples of cloud backups. File-level backups allow you to automatically save copies of your documents to cloud servers, giving you access to your files from any web browser and allowing you to recover them if your device fails. In addition to simple file-level backups, businesses can leverage business continuity solutions that take image-level backups of devices and keep multiple versions in their history. This allows for easy recovery in the case of a disaster scenario.

Why Bother with Cloud Backups?

Data loss can easily result in thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage. Most people have experienced the pain of losing important data at one point or another. When relying on only local backups, data must be periodically taken offsite on physical hardware in order to prevent data loss in the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood. This process can be easily forgotten and allows for only a few versions of the data to be offsite at any given time. In addition, more widespread disasters can affect the locations the physical backups were taken to.

Cloud backups with version history keep multiple versions of files on redundant servers in widespread locations, minimizing the risk that any data will be lost. In addition, both the backups and syncing to the cloud can be automated to prevent any chance of missing them. In a disaster scenario, backups can be restored and accessed remotely to allow access within minutes to critical documents, services, and applications.

We Recommend Datto

If you are searching for such a professional service provider, look no further than Datto. We at CompuSys highly recommend Datto’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Datto offers a variety of solutions that will protect your business and offer you a disaster recovery plan that ensures your business infrastructure can be recovered in seconds. From Datto SIRIS to Datto ALTO, to Datto NAS – many disaster recovery solutions are available for you personally or for your small or large business.

Getting Started

Interested in getting started with cloud backups? Weigh your options! You will minimally want a service that utilizes version history to allow you to pull an old backup of your files if they get deleted or encrypted by a malicious third party. When running one or more servers, it is often worth reviewing image-based backups that allow you to virtually boot one of your backups in the case of a critical failure. If you still aren’t sure what solutions are right for you, it’s time to consult a reputable service provider to get the answers you need.

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