One of the primary reasons for your website is to drive traffic and attract viewers and can be converted into profit in several ways. You can drive traffic to your site and convert prospects into customers. You can gather traffic and earn through AdSense. You can spread your brand awareness, and so on.

The main target is to get your Website on Google’s first page. This can be done by a method called SEO or search engine optimization. When your site appears on Google’s first page against a keyword, your site is ranked. Good SEO can determine whether Google recognizes and indexes your site.

What is SEO:

The process of promoting your site on a search engine’s first page to get quality web traffic is called SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization. This is a non-paid method to get the most significant exposure to your brand. Many elements govern SEO. In a nutshell, SEO will increase your websites ranking in search results. This is subject to keywords. SEO can’t magically put your site on the first page against every keyword.

Understanding what affects SEO and how much is the key to understanding SEO. We now know that SEO can increase a website’s visibility and reach, but what other benefits does it provide? Why is it essential for your website or business? Let’s discuss this.

Good SEO enhances the user experience:

Google will promote sites that have good user retention. What leads to good user retention? A good user experience is possible through good SEO. A site’s performance suffers when users visit it, and they can’t find what they’re looking for. Google will not rank such sites.

Following SEO rules will yield naturally classified data that Google can rank according to keywords. A new feature in Google automatically highlights the user’s answer when they click your site possible through quality SEO.

Organic Search increases traffic:

Google accounts for 75% of the search market. Numerous smaller search engines govern the other 25%. On Google, the primary source of web traffic is organic Search. As a brand, you want maximum brand visibility and exposure.

By understanding how Google ranks sites and performing SEO accordingly, you can rank your site against organic keywords. The result is increased sales, conversion, and increased engagements. Users are more likely to click an organic search result over a PPC.

SEO affects buying decisions:

We live in the modern era, where maximum research is done online. You can use the right SEO tactics to answer your product or service questions, clear customer’s doubts, and create a positive image. You can positively impact the buying cycle and drive customers to like your product or service.

SEO is cheap:

Everything comes at a price, and the same applies to SEO. The cost of good SEO is in terms of research and implementation. Your website will need to hire an SEO team that will work to get your maximum brand exposure to potential customers. In contrast to search engine marketing, SEO is cheaper and has long terms benefits. You don’t need to pay for advertisements in SEO.

SEO increases PR:

Earning backlinks from reputable websites is one key strategy of SEO. This means you must identify coverage opportunities on news publications, industry blogs, and other related websites. Public relations are about getting prominent publications that result in users trusting your brand more and there for impacting scalability.


SEO is a vital part of today’s marketing strategy. SEO yields a bundle of benefits that no other digital marketing strategy can offer. So, get your sit optimized now!

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