Reel Deal Offshore Fishing

An informational website for one of the best offshore fishing charters in Volusia County
Reel Deal Offshore is a local fishing charter company and also one of our long-time clients. They had previously been using a website builder to create their website. However, they decided to refresh their online presence and they requested a website redesign.

We used a stock image of beautiful, blue sea water as the background. Fishing in the open sea is quite an experience and having a photo of sea water with a wake makes the visitor feel as if they are in the middle of a great adventure.

As with all of our website designs, this website is responsive, which means it looks great on any mobile device, regardless of size!

A simple, but powerful design makes this project a success!

Project Details

  • Client name: Reel Deal Offshore Fishing
  • Project Completion: 2014
  • Skills: Web development, web design
  • Website address:

One Project Feature

We strive to make each of our projects different from one another. The banner on this website is completely custom coded. When a tab is clicked, an image slides up with a text overlay.

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