Sisters Zapotec Collection

An eCommerce website
Sound familiar? Sisters Log Furniture had such a popular Zapotec rug selection that they decided to dedicate a whole website to it!

Since Sisters Zapotec Collection is a new branch of their primary business, the owners asked us to create a logo for them. The logo features an outline of the Three Sisters mountains (which are in the business’ hometown: Sisters, Oregon). The colors of the logo are inspired by traditional colors used in many of the Zapotec rugs you can see throughout their website.

Another rustic and earthy design, Sisters Zapotec Collection’s website was inspired by the rugs, woven by weavers in the ancient village Teotitlan del Valle in the state of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico.

As with their other website, Sisters Zapotec Collection is technically an eCommerce website, but with the shopping cart and checkout process disabled. Their online inventory consists of nearly 800 rugs and they wanted the ability to turn on the shopping cart once they are ready to sell online.

As usual, this website is responsive (looks great on devices of all sizes) and it is initially SEO optimized.

Project Details

  • Client name: Sisters Zapotec Collection
  • Project Completion: 2014
  • Skills: Web development, web design, graphic design
  • Website address:

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