When designing a website, you must have a target audience in mind. Are you creating a website for teen girls? Are you creating a website for hiking enthusiasts?

Today, we will be discussing professional web design, A.K.A. “business websites”.

Why is it important for your website to look professional? The goal of your business website is to convert viewers into customers. If the website looks professional, it will instill a sense of trust and security in the viewer. This will help push the viewer into learning more about your business and potentially giving you a call.

What makes a design professional?

Clean lines

In the design community, there is a lot of talk about the “grid system”. The idea is that the content on a page falls into a clean grid of squares and rectangles. With any aspect of the professional world, when something is messy and unorganized, it can come off as weak and unprofessional. The same applies to web design.

Colors that match the brand

Branding is very important for any business. It is the business’ voice and personality. It is the face of the company. Colors are a large part of any brand and if the colors of the website don’t match the company’s colors (on their logo or other materials), then the website can come off as looking unprofessional. Make sure your colors match across the board when designing a website.

User Experience

With professional websites, the usability of the website is crucial. The goal of a business website is to get information across to the user. How are they going to get to the information if they cannot intuitively or easily navigate the website? When designing a website, try to adhere to the user’s expectations: logo and navigation go at the top, copyright information and miscellaneous links go at the bottom, etc.


When it comes down to it, a professional web design is a design that looks well put together and well thought out. It is clean, matches the brand identity and is easy to navigate.

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