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CompuSys offers an On Demand Support. On a per service request, if you have a computer repair problem or network support issue that would require a technician to come out on-site or work remotely, the time would be billable per service call for one set hourly rate or it could be billed toward your prepaid block of time.

We will work on your problem for up to half an hour with a flat minimum diagnosis fee of $49. If we can’t resolve your issue within diagnosis time, the fee will be applied toward our normal rate and it would be billed in quarter increments.

We highly recommend to use our Block of Time or Managed Services plans to take advantage of better rates, proactive monitoring and quickest resolution time.

Block of Time

Purchase a Block of Time for the best rates possible

A Block of Time is a cost effective plan in which CompuSys will take care of all your IT, computer repair, user support and network support requests. By choosing this plan you would purchase pre-paid Blocks of Time which is priced lower than our On Demand Support. The larger Block of Time you purchase for your company, the better the discount.

Upon a service call request, whether it is on-site or remote, your time will be accurately tracked, indicating the type of service performed and the amount of time used. The time used to will be deducted from your pre-paid Block of Time.

Regular activity reports

You will receive a statement of all support activity with the details of provided support. You will also be informed exactly how many hours you have remaining. This contract option works well for companies that require more frequent computer service. It is a simple and flexible approach to obtaining professional IT computer services. However, this type of support does not monitor your network or perform proactive maintenance.

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  • No expiration on the block of hours
  • Save up to 40% off non-contract rates
  • A remote session has to be physically accepted by the end user unless prior arrangements are made
  • No on-site or travel surcharges
  • Use your block hour for any IT service that you want: Repairs, Upgrades, Maintenance, IT Consulting, Website Changes, etc.

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Not sure how your current network stacks up against today’s best practices?

Sign up below for a free technology evaluation.

We will come to your office and evaluate your current network system to ensure that it is secure and promotes employee productivity. This evaluation is free and you will never be charged for it.


    Questions? Comments? Give us a call at (386) 238-1692 or email us at info@csidb.com. You can also request a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible.