Google Glass is a very versatile piece of equipment that won’t be available to the general public until late 2014. First let’s answer an important question:

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is the first computer that you can wear. It comes in the form of glasses and has a little see-through screen that sits right over your right eye. This screen displays a variety of information, such as the time, videos you are recording, search results, and more.

What can the Glass do that my phone/mobile device can’t?

It’s true, most of the things the Glass can do are things that your phone or other mobile device can do: display the time and weather, show you your messages and emails, and allow you to take pictures and videos. But what is different about Google Glass is the way you interact with it.

Hands-free interaction

Imagine how much you do with your hands each day. Touch things, hold things, eat things. Now you touch your mobile device. All of that grime transfers onto the screen. Furthermore, the dirt and liquids your device is exposed to could potentially damage it.

With Google Glass, you can accomplish a lot without ever touching anything. Simply pull up the recipe, map, or messages and direct Glass with your voice. No more cleaning devices, no more devices slipping out of your hands and no more water spilling over your device: truly hands-free interaction.

Never need to look away from what is going on in front of you

Google Glass’ display is transparent, meaning you see it’s interface right on top of what you are seeing in real life. This means that you won’t have to look down and away from what is in front of you when you want to use your gadget. You can do things like go bicycling and look at a map at the same time.


As we stated previously, the Google Glass is currently not available for the general public. They have a large group of people testing the product between now and it’s final release. It currently retails at $1500 and it is rumored to stay at that price once it rolls out for the public.

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