Email Archiving helps keep your email securely archived and easily accessible. Its preservation, protection and restoration features help you safeguard intellectual property, facilitate compliance, and speed eDiscovery.

Virtually every company needs to be protected from accidentally or maliciously altered or deleted emails. Over 90% of all businesses will be sued at some point, and non-archived emails are often inadmissible as evidence.

All regulated businesses—including financial, healthcare, insurance, retail, legal, and other industries—are required to archive email by a variety of compliance mandates. The incremental cost of inadequate email archiving can quickly escalate into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars lost.

Compliance mandates that require email archiving include:

  • FRCP
  • SEC
  • GLBA
  • SOX

Key Benefits

  • 100% capture of inbound and outbound emails
  • Simple to search, filter, tag and recover Unlimited calling to the US and Canada
  • Unlimited storage and infinite scale
  • Powerful admin features

CompuSys’s Email Archiving service is pre-integrated with our hosted Exchange service. It can also be used as a standalone service if your email is hosted by Microsoft® Office 365 or in an on- or off- premises Microsoft Exchange®, IBM Notes®, Groupwise, IMail, Scalix, or Zimbra environment.

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Other Benefits

It’s scalable

Even smaller firms can often generate millions of emails. Email archiving means paying only for the mailboxes you need as you grow.

It’s searchable

Email archiving ensures your messages are always available to quickly search, identify, and recover.

It’s secure

The keys to compliance and eDiscovery mandates are record authenticity and preservation. Email archiving protects from loss, corruption, damage or misuse.

It’s easy to setup and use

For both users and administrators, Email Archiving offers an easy-to-use integrated experience.

Infographic: Email Archiving for Daytona Beach Businesses

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