In current business environments, companies are trying hard to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, emerging malwares, security threats and virus attacks. As we learned from the bug Heart Bleed from early 2014, anything is possible when it comes to security breaches. A properly configured and managed firewall by a professional IT security expert is an essential part of a successful solution for secure and reliable information security.

Did you know?

Recent studies by Verizon and Gartner showed that 95% or more of firewall breaches were caused by firewall misconfiguration.

Small businesses need the same strong network security that large corporations do. What you don’t need is the complexity, time-consuming management, and hefty price tag associated with most network security products.

CompuSys offers a range of solutions engineered to bring big security to your small business – security that is powerful, easy to manage, and very affordable.

Protect your network with:

  • Smart firewall/VPN technology
  • Wireless options for maximum flexibility
  • Robust add-on services to boost protection in critical attack areas
  • Virtual solutions to protect virtualized infrastructures

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