Every business should have a business continuity plan to keep the company running in case of emergency. Imagine what would happen if a hurricane swept through (as they often do in Florida) and your computers went down? Productivity would come to a halt, your business might experience losses in revenue, and your reputation would be at stake.

Did you know that 29% of U.S. small businesses had a cyber attack in 2012? 72% of those businesses were not able to fully restore their company’s computer data.

Our service includes crisis management, business processes and work area management.

IT disaster preparation requires the expertise and technical resources that only an IT company, like CompuSys can provide. To get the most value for your money, contact us and we will review your current disaster preparation plan and make some suggestions. We will also implement the new system and provide regular maintenance checks to make sure the new system is continuously prepared to handle emergency situations.

Have you already lost some data? Take a look at our backup and disaster recovery services to learn more about how we can help recover your data to the best of our ability.

Infographic: Stay Safe Online

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