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Responsiveness and Reliable
We answer phones LIVE. It’s never any fun calling someone when you need help right away and get a recorded message, or worse, voicemail. That’s why we make a point to answer our phones every time they ring. During work hours, we always have the phone covered, so when you call, you can talk to a real person and get your request started on.
Focus on Unique Business Needs
When you invest in technology for your business, you want to make sure that you are making the best use of it and getting a great return on your investment by focusing on long-term business needs when making recommendations so you don’t have to re-buy equipment or software.
Your Own IT Department
As a small business owner, you don’t need someone in the office all the time to handle computer problems. All you need is a dependable team to take care of issues when they do arise. By signing on with us, you can rest assured that there is a team of experts with the breadth of experience required to help you resolve your IT issues.
Personable and Likable Staff
Have your experiences with tech support in the past been less than ideal? At CompuSys, our engineers and technicians are not only highly-trained experts in their field, but also friendly and easy to work with. We understand that technology can be frustrating at times, and we are here to make it easier.

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What our clients say

custom-home-builder-web-design “You will be making a wise decision if you choose to go with Mahyar and his very professional team! Several years ago, we switched all of our IT needs and website design and support to CompuSys. Best decision that we could have made! The CompuSys team is quick to answer questions, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable on any system issue that we bring to them, and has always provided us with IT/web solutions that make sense for our business.” Michelle L. Olsen Vice President
hayward-logo “Our issues are always resolved quickly and efficiently and with the best customer service! It makes our job easier and we wouldn’t think of using anyone else!” “Thanks for the great service! We can always depend on you!” “[Technician] was wonderful! He’s a huge help to our agency!” “You have the best customer service and knowledge to resolve the issues! After I call you I know the problem will be taken care of quickly and it makes my job a lot easier! Thank you!”
ymca-2 “Wonderful as always! Thank you!” “Thank you! [Technician] was very friendly and helpful.” “Very helpful.”
bgclub “Always timely and helpful.” “Thanks. You all did a outstanding job. Our club members going to be very happy!” “Great Job! Thanks!”
logo   “GREAT company. Always available to help with any IT needs, as well as consulting and they have been a great partner in our online marketing efforts.”


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